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 The cities of Arkhnagelsk and Murmansk have always been traditional starting points for the Arctic research expeditions.

Belfreight specializes in all-round expedition service, which includes:
- selection of suitable fleet, appropriate to an expedition purpose
- handling expedition cargo at a sea port
- arrangement of supply at port, as well as additional delivery (on request) of supplies and fuel to vessels trading in remote regions.
- vessels’ additional outfitting (on request), expedition equipment stowage and lashing.
- agency support of a voyage, obtaining of agreements and permissions from supervision authorities (restricted area permits for expedition crew, permissions for vessels to trade along the Northern Sea Route etc.)
- aircraft service (conveyance of expedition members by a helicopter, rescue helicopter)

Our major partners and customers:
JSC “AMEGE” (Arctic maritime engineering geological expeditions)
JSC “Dalmorneftegeophysica”
Research Institution of “Oceanologiya”
Federal state enterprise “Yuzhmorgeologiya”
Federal state enterprise “PINRO” (Polar research institution of fishery and oceanology)
Federal state enterprise “Hydrographic predpriyatiye”

For different expedition objectives we provide various seagoing crafts, to attend and charter which one should have deep professional knowledge. For example, our customers use:
- dedicated hydrographic vessels
- powerful tugs of “Neftegaz” type
- ice breakers
- shallow water tugs and barges
- non self propelled floating bases
- dry cargo vessels additionally equipped with crane facilities
- fishing-boats

Following the Russian Arctic shelf development trend, Belfreight is enlarging its fleet structure to meet demands and objectives of our Customers, in particular we acquired and got modernized:

- 2010, non self propelled accommodation vessel “Geoshelf” to trade in sheltered shallow water areas. The vessel can take aboard an expedition of up to 100 persons, with the draught of 1.5 m and high endurance.
- 2011, tugs “Antey” and “Lazurit”. Mt “Antey” is a sea-going anf harbor tug with passenger capacity of 10 persons. Mt “Lazurit” is able to accommodate 16 passengers, she has small draught of 2.0 m, cargo deck and crane facility.
- 2012, mv “Aldan”. The vessel can take aboard 17 passengers, she has a laboratory and 140 sq.m cargo deck space, cargo equipment and aft hydraulic gantry.

All vessels are of economical type and modernized to provide high endurance trading at the remote arctic seas.

Our intention is to proceed with this course. At the same time we do our best to meet customer’s requirements. When necessary we provide sea crafts chartered from our regional partners as well.

Towages and offshore projects department

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Shipping line Arkhangelsk – Narian-Mar-Varandey

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